Our Bulls
Y16 “Brutus”

Now living out his days with our bucking cows, Y16 “Brutus” had quite the career in his prime. Brutus was only ridden 9 times out of 49 attempts, typically averaging a 22-point bull score. Brutus appeared at the PBR world finals three different times, and we are excited to see the calf crop that comes from him in this upcoming calving season.

701 “Straight Out of Bradford”

This big black bull delivered out of the rights is a salty one. He is dominating out of the chute and turns back around the right immediately out of the gate with a tremendous amount of power. 701 remains unridden.

137 “Pretty Boy”

A big brindle paint bull, 137 “Pretty Boy” has it all. He is one of our stand-out short round bulls that still holds the unridden title. 137 is consistent around the right and has finesse to his trips. He is easy to handle but knows when it’s time to get the job done.

0 “Tannerite”

Our little white bull packs quite a punch. He is explosive out of the chute and takes riders to the pay window time and time again on the PBR Velocity Tour. He is a vital member of the bull team that we carry to the Velocity events, and we look forward to continuing to haul him down the road.

7L “Clifford”

Our boss’s favorite on the place, Clifford the “big red bull” doesn’t play games. 7L comes out of the chute with unmatched power and only gains more momentum as he whirls around to the left. His strength is undeniable and speaks as to why he remains unridden. He recently received the call-up to the PBR’s “Unleash the Beast” tour as well.

707 “Vanilla Ice”

Our big four-year-old white mulley is 2,000 pounds and all there. He is currently on the Professional Bull Riders “Unleash the Beast” tour, and we have hopes for him going to the 2021 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas. He always has a dominating trip out of the rights and doesn’t travel very far, getting it done right there out of the gate. We have watched this bull grow exponentially over the past year and are excited about his future. 707 remains unridden

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